W. Richard Lawrence

As a child, W. Richard Lawrence created intriguing stories in his mind as his family moved around the world. Although he grew up to be an electrical engineer, he continued making up stories to delight his own children. Finally, after co-authoring 12 science books, he decided to combine his story telling skills with his technical knowledge and is now producing high-tech Christian suspense thrillers for adults.   






What I am now working on

Lethal Interest

In volume 3 of “Agents in His Service,” CIA agents Kai and Sam team up to find the man who killed her father. In doing so, they find themselves pitted against a powerful organization that controls most of the world’s money supply.  This group topples one economy after another in their quest for world domination, murdering anyone who stands in their way. Kai and Sam stumble onto their plans and travel through Hong Kong, China, and parts of Europe in their attempt to stop this take over before it is too late. The fate of the world rests in their hands.