Do Christians have all the answers or are we completely out of touch with reality?

As I read some of the Christian novels that are on the market today, I get the feeling that many authors subscribe to one of these two philosophies, either, through the Holy Spirit Christians can answer any theological question asked of us or we are so out of touch with the world around us we come off as completely incompetent.

I believe the truth is somewhere in between. After working as an Electrical Engineer for twenty years, I walked away with the experience of knowing Christians can't answer all the questions. And even when we do have answers, the answers are not always accepted by non-believers. So why do so many books lead us to believe that if we can't answer the world's questions well enough to convince the other person, we are at fault?

Maybe the answer is, it's on God timetable, not ours.

One young lady I worked with would talk with me about the Bible and God on a fairly regular basis. Much of what I said, she listened to but didn't believe. One of these conversations revolved around abortion. Here she completely disregarded my words. This continued for years. But eventually two things happened in her life. One, she got pregnant. Two, she saw a picture of a small unborn baby, about two months along. She saw it was a baby, a human life. Her whole worldview changed. Suddenly all those conversations we had made sense. I had to step back and let God work in her life and not feel like a failure because I was unable to convince her of the truth.

My point is not to belittle Christians but to point out that it takes the Holy Spirit to change someone's heart. Our words are there only to plant a seed.