Coffee, Why Do So Many of Us Drink It?

Coffee, Why Do So Many of Us Drink It?

Coffee, is made from a bean that has been known to increase your energy level for over a 1000 years. While it originated in Ethiopia, its use has spread across the globe and now it is the world’s most popular morning drink. Around 2.25 billion cups are consumed each day. Coffee is believed to have been discovered by a herder, named Kaldi, who noticed that his goats had more energy after eating certain red berries. He tried eating some himself and found it did the same to him. The monks in his area condemned him for this until they tried some. They found it help them stay wake during long prayer times.

For the next several hundred years, the berry was mixed with animal fat to make the first energy bars. This mixture was used when traveling long distances. Around 1000AD, people started mixing the whole berry into several different liquids. It wasn’t until somewhere in the 1200-1400’s that the bean was roasted, crushed and put in hot water, giving us what we now know as coffee.

That’s some of coffee’s history, but why do I drink it? It all started when I worked as a two-way radio technician as a young man. I didn’t need coffee to wake up, I woke with tons of energy. But I found it helped me work better. I thought it worked the same way for everyone else. I discovered that was not true when my son, Phil, told me that caffeine works differently in people with ADHD than in those without it. It calms us, allowing us to concentrate on one thing at a time. The researchis inconclusive, but caffeine is a stimulant which is the type of drug doctors give for ADHD. All I know is, many mornings when I wake up with my mind going every which direction, my wife tells me to get a cup of coffee. It helps me focus.

But are there other benefits to drinking it? Glad, you asked. As stated above, coffee is a bean, and as such it contains nutrients, such as Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Pantothenic acid (B5), niacin (B3), manganese, potassium, andmagnesium. All good. It has also been shown to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s, as well as the risk of some cancers. It’s a great source of antioxidants and improves memory, reaction times, physical performance, all while helping you lose weight by improving metabolic rate. Yes, all this in each cup. Plus, the caffeine can make you happier, helping you get along with your coworkers and family members. I know, you wouldn’t use caffeine just to get along with your family, but someone in your family might need a cup of coffee to get along with you.

Of course, caffeine is not for everyone. If caffeine increases your anxiety or insomnia, drink less or none at all. Many people find they can drink it earlier in the day, but not after lunch. But for most people coffee’s benefits outweigh the risks. So, go ahead and have a cup of coffee, it’s good for you.